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Merchant Account Services / Debit Card and Credit Card Processing Services

KBO Payment Processing LLC partners with merchants for their debit card and credit card processing and overall merchant account needs. In today’s environment, the ability to accept credit and debit card payments is crucial for the success of any business. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business or organization, KBO’s desire is to help you to efficiently handle the electronic transaction side of your daily operations safely and securely.

We can set up your business to accept:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Gift Cards
  • Debit – Pin-Based and signature-based
  • International Cards
  • Fleet Cards (Voyager or Wright Express)
  • Purchasing Cards (Levels I, II, & III)
  • Electronic check processing
We will customize a solution based on your type of business:
  • Retail
  • Restaurant 
  • Medical Practice 
  • Internet or eCommerce 
  • Schools 
  • Charitable Organizations and Churches 
  • Lodging 
  • MOTO and Business-to-Business 
  • Contractors 
  • And Many more    

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The KBO Difference:

First, we take the time to study your business setup and operations. We are genuinely interested in you, your business, your challenges and your opportunities. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach to processing, we tailor each setup for your specific business.

Second, KBO partners with you to help you understand and control Payment Processing costs and expand your business opportunities. We review monthly statements with you and provide recommendations to reduce your processing costs.

You face many daily challenges in building and running a profitable and successful business. We know that Payment Processing is only part of your operation. However, if credit card processing is setup and run well, it is also one of the easiest ways you can increase sales opportunities and reduce your costs. If credit card processing is setup inefficiently and run poorly it can be a significant drain on your time, energy, employee training and profits.

Contact KBO and we will gladly work with you to review your current situation and offer you clear, uncomplicated steps to better credit card processing. You can quickly recover from any poorly setup payment processing system and place yourself in a position to understand and control your credit card costs.

If you are a new business, we will team with you for a successful business future and help you to accept credit cards and debit cards. You can avoid the costly errors of accepting high cost Payment Processing and expensive and ineffective Point of Sale setups.

Gift Cards


We offer Gift Card Services for our clients! Allow us to set up gift card services for your business today! Gift cards provide convenience for your customers.
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Virtual Terminal


We set up virtual terminals for those non traditional merchants with payment processing. Virtual terminals make it possible to accept payments and to set up recurring billing. Call KBO for your virtual terminal today!
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Recurring Billing Atlanta


We offer recurring payment plans for our clients! Merchants who need recurring billing come to us to set up their fast and easy recurring billing module. We make it simple for businesses to bill...
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Recurring Billing


virtual terminal with recurring billingKBO Payment Processing provides recurring billing. A virtual terminal allows customers of a merchant to make purchases online. KBO Payment Processing offers a Virtual Terminal that will allow you to manually bill your customers on a recurring basis. This securely stores your customer database and their payment. KBO also provides other services such as PCI Compliance and Mobile Solutions. All of these payment processing services aid merchants in their payment processing needs.

KBO Payment Processing
Recurring Billing
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Virtual Terminal with Recurring Billing

The Virtual Terminal allows a merchant to setup a recurring payment plan to bill their customers on a recurring plan for any day of the month for a set amount for services. This service benefits many different merchants. These merchants include landscapers, orthodontists, gyms, day-care facilities, karate schools, HVAC maintenance plans, cleaning contracts, home based businesses, and more! These services benefit businesses that need a simple program to charge their customers on a set recurring pattern.

Cost for Recurring Billing

KBO offers a low monthly rate for the Virtual Terminal and $0 cost for the recurring billing module. This is unlike other processors who charge a high monthly fee for this service. We believe that merchants should not pay a high cost for a monthly program for billing their customers.

How it Works

KBO will adequately train a merchant on this low-cost program. We make sure that our client’s virtual terminal is customized to their own needs. There is an easy-to-use simple setup. A merchant can setup a monthly, quarterly, or annual billing system set to the parameters needed for their type of business. Our virtual terminal is an easy to use program customized for any type of merchant that needs a customized billing module.

POS System in Dallas

POS stands for “Point of Sale.” A POS system provides the merchant with everything they need to make a sale. POS systems differ for different merchants, but the main aspects to all POS’s remain the same. We also offer PCI Compliance in Atlanta!

We offer POS Systems in Dallas

POS System in DallasOur client, was Blumengarten in Dallas, TX, an upscale florist shop owned by Judy, the premier floral designer in Dallas, Texas. This merchant requested evaluation of credit card processing rates as well as integration into Quickbooks.

KBO Payment Processing recommended eProcessing Fimancial Software Payments Module which offers real-time credit card and check transaction processing from within Quickbooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. This allows merchants to process transactions and apply payment to open invoices in one easy step.

KBO Payment Processing
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POS System in Dallas

How we set up the POS System

The merchant is setup with KBO Payment Processing along with eProcessing Network. eProcessing provides a system for the merchant to integrate their Quickbooks software with their credit card processing. Many merchants use the merchant services provider within Quickbooks but the credit card processing rates are much higher than a separate processor. KBO provides the solution to lower rates WITHOUT double-entry into Quickbooks.
This merchant was hesitant to leave Quickbooks but discovered the rates were lower and she could apply payments to existing customers in Quickbooks. Blumengarten now experiences lower processing rates by integrating directly into Quickbooks.

Dallas POS System Satisfaction

The Merchant, Blumengarten, was very pleased with lower rates and Quickbooks integration. With their Dallas POS System, they were happy that they did not have to enter separately into Quickbooks. This integration saves our merchants time and money!

We Service

Retail Stores
Medical Practices
eCommerce Websites
Hotels and Motels

American Express may require separate approval.

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