Gift Cards

Gift cards make it easy for customers to give just the right gift without all the hassles. Gift cards:

1. Attract new customers into the store
2. Generate “upfront” cash flow
3. Increase sales greater than the card amount
4. Enhance customer convenience and satisfaction
5. Simplify merchandise returns
6. Increase visibility for your brand
7. Three customized programs with low minimal orders

Incredibly easy. Immediate benefits. Inexpensive cost.

We set up Gift Card systems for our clients! If you are a merchant and need gift card services, call KBO Payment Processing today!

Gift cards are extremely useful for our clients. They provide ease and convenience for the customer while not being a hassle for the merchant.Our merchant services make payment processing simple and easy for our clients!

KBO has offered gift card services since we began our business. KBO Payment Processing can easily setup a merchant for Gift Cards dedicated to their business at an affordable price. We can set up several types of Gift Card programs. We can order industry related pre-built templates for an affordable price or customized with your logo.

Merchants That Benefit From Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for restaurants, retail businesses, nail salons, hair salons, and any type of business to keep those customers coming back again and again. If the customer never redeems, the merchant has the $ upfront. When someone gives a gift card as a present, they usually choose the particular merchant for their quality and surety that the recipient will use the card. This is why businesses who have recurring customers benefit so much from gift card services. Merchants should use Gift Cards to make their customers “sticky” and keep them coming back again and again.

Our Gift Card Services

Our Gift Card services can be up and running within 2 weeks of setup! Many merchants use paper gift certificates. These are “cheap” to create and are a negative reflection of the business. Our Gift Card Program tracks the balances of Gift Cards electronically without the merchant having to keep paper trails.

People love gift cards because they are simple, easy, practical, and useful! Gift cards are a great option for teacher gifts, anniversaries, and birthdays. Provide your customers with incentive to return by offering gift cards!

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