Mobile Applications

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Accept credit or debit card payments using your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc…) or your iPad. We are partnered with Verifone PAYware Mobile to enable merchants to accept credit card transactions on their Smartphone devices. It is the complete payment solution that transforms your Smartphone into a secure payment portal. Excellent for non-traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and on-the-go merchants.

KBO Payment Processing offers Mobile Solutions for merchants all over the nation!

mobile solutionsMore and more businesses these days are “mobile businesses” that require mobile solutions. By this, we mean that they provide services outside of a set location. They do not have an office or store, rather they either work from home or on the road. These are businesses that perform services in non-traditional merchant locations. We provide the best mobile credit card processing for merchants like this. KBO Payment Processing works with contractors to enable non-traditional brick and mortar businesses to accept payments in the field using their mobile phones.

Mobile Payment Processing

KBO Payment Processing provides free readers to “on the road” merchants to enable payments to be accepted at the customers location. Merchants can have payments approved prior to leaving the customers and get paid for the work completed instantly. This takes the headache out of writing and accepting cash and checks through snail mail, paypal, or other methods.

Mobile processing is easy, fast, and the merchant is assured of payment when their work is completed at the customers location. The merchant can accept payments on their iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry phone at “swiped” rates. Payment Card Industry accepted as a secure method of capturing credit card data.

Mobile Solutions Benefit Many Different Businesses

This is a great service for contractors like roofers, HVAC air conditioning, landscapers, plumbers, carpet cleaners, or any type of business that performs services in a non-traditonal merchant location. Also great for vendors that work at weekend festivals selling products, jewelry, food, and art. Any type of merchant can accept payments remotely over their phone. We provide other merchant services in Fayetteville, Newnan, and many other locations. Call us today to get started with your improved merchant services and mobile solutions!

We Out-Service our Competitors

One of our main competitors for this service is Square. Square is a main competitor, but Square has higher rates. They are not secure with the credit card information (not encrypted into the mobile phone device) and they provide zero customer service. Square mainly targets micro-small merchants and there is zero customer service after initial setup. I would never recommend Square as a processor or personally give my card to any merchant using Square for the simple fact of acceptability of card data theft.


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