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For credit card processing on iPhones, Androids and Blackberry phones, call KBO Payment Processing today!Our mobile credit card processing services offer free mobile phone readers and a low monthly Gateway fee.

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We  offer many options for those “on the go” merchants through wireless terminals, mobile credit card processing, and iTerminals.

KBO Payment Processing is proud to offer competitive credit card processing for mobile phones. Our mobile services are great for businesses on the go. Some of the common business types that find a lot of value in being able to accept credit cards on their smartphones are roofers, HVAC, plumbers, painters, mobile car detailers, weekend vendors, and any on-the-go merchant that wants to process transactions at the customers location. Credit Card Processing on iPhones, Androids and Blackberry phones is extremely easy and convenient for our clients.


About Our Mobile Credit Card Processing Services

Our cell phone credit card processing services are extremely easy for our clients. In fact, it requires very little on the merchant’s end to get started. If your company has a smartphone, then we will have you download a Free app to get started. Once you are up and running, your business, sales team, or on the job guys will be able to accept credit card payments immediately after job completion through their smartphones. This type of speed is bound to increase your efficiency, save you time and money, and overall help your business grow.