Virtual Terminal

Virtual TerminalKBO Payment Processing provides a Virtual Terminal to merchants that are non-traditional brick/mortar storefront. KBO Payment Processing offers this service in place of a merchant having to buy equipment such as a terminal. If a merchant’s customers do not come in to swipe a credit card and all transactions are key-entry, there is no need for an actual terminal. This is why we provide virtual terminals.

Who Uses Virtual Terminals?

The Virtual Terminal creates a profile database for their recurring customers and securely stores credit card information along with the customers informational profile.

It is very fast to login to the Virtual Terminal, pull up the profile, and charge the customer. We also do recurring billing with virtual terminals. This makes it easy to bill customers time and time again. We do recurring billing in Atlanta and many other locations nationwide.

Setting up a Virtual Terminal

KBO Payment Processing has extensive knowledge on the Virtual Terminal and can setup a merchant along with training in less than 30 minutes. The Virtual Terminal is safe, secure, and PCI compliant which provides security for both the merchant and the customer! Every processor has some form of Virtual Terminal but the one provided by KBO Payment Processing in conjunction with Chase Paymentech which makes it superior in quality because it makes it so easy to use.

Many types of software products store sensitive credit card data and can easily be breached. This can be a merchants worse nightmare if their customers credit card data is breached from inside the company or outside data theft hackers. Our Virtual Terminal is safe and secure and accessed only through a secure server off-site from the merchants location.